Our expert team of legal advisers understand how sensitive a topic family law and issues such as divorce and child care can be, and therefore adopt an empathetic, sensitive, yet professional approach, when dealing with such issues.

We aim to provide an efficient, and effective service in order to reduce the stress and despair, and trauma that many experience when going through a divorce. Our staff provide a bespoke service tailored to each client, we are sympathetic and reassuring yet still hold a high level of professionalism.

Our team are experts with a calm demeanour, combined with excellent attention to detail and negotiation skills. They are competent in resolving a range of diverse issues with ease, assisting families, intricate divorce matters, child arrangements, family conflicts and more. We aim to encourage resolving conflicts and encouraging agreement where suitable, this reduces the need for expensive court fees.

Family law can be filtered to three common areas: child, finance, and matrimonial law.

The areas of law that we cover include:


We advise on the following areas of divorce: Court orders, separation agreements, divorce fees, annulment, arbitration, no fault divorce, entering a civil partnership, financial settlements, & cohabitation settlements.

Pre Nuptial & Post Nuptial Arrangements

This includes a contract agreement which explains the consequence of financial and living arrangements if the marriage doesn’t work as planned.

Child Arrangements

Child arrangements will usually be settled with a formal agreement. Court could be considered as an alternative if parties cannot come to a resolution amicably or if there has been some form of abuse or violence.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be a very sensitive and distressing topic, our family lawyers are knowledgeable, sensitive, and empathetic. We can assure you that we will handle the matter professionally, fast, and with discretion, to give you the protection, help and assistance required. Our professional team are all experts in domestic violence and abuse. Your claim will be handled in confidence to help address any safety concerns, and we will be able to discuss a range of appropriate resolution options.

Child Abuse

Child abuse constitutes abuse which is considered to cause significant harm to the child, these include neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Financial Settlements

We are aware how stressful making financial arrangements with an ex partner can be. We will ensure that you receive the best possible rate for your financial settlement. Both parties need to disclose their finances (including investments, savings, and earnings).
Declaration of finances is followed by conciliation. In order to constitute a fair settlement, there are several factors that will need to be taken into consideration these include: the duration that you were married for, and if there are children as well as their age, and taking into consideration any future changes to finances). It is not necessary to go to court in order to come to an agreement on financial arrangements, alternative methods includes mediation, and arbitration. We advise on cohabitation arrangements (if you and your partner lived together but was not married).
We will try to resolve disputes in the most convenient and time efficient manner. However, if disputes cannot be resolved courteously it will be necessary to consider court proceedings.

Trust & Wills, Tax & Probate

Our solicitors assist with preparing Wills. As well as analyzing the existing will and making amendments if needed, adding codicils to Wills. We give impartial advice relating to estate planning (securing your assets after your death), deciding inheritance tax planning, and allocating a power of attorney. We are experts in Wills and probate and can give bespoke advice in regards to your estate and planning advice.

We offer a range of competitive, affordable fixed fees which will suit your budget.

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