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Clients can book a consultation with GOOD LAW INTERNATIONAL by clicking on the “Book Consultation” section on our website. This will book a convenient time-slot for a meeting with a lawyer.

Whatever your legal issue may be, we are able to listen and assist you. Using our on-line booking system to make a consultation appointment with us very straightforward. We can meet you in person, over the phone or using Zoom.

Please note that all consultations will be subject to our Terms of Business that are available on our website.


You can reserve a consultation appointment using our booking system. The fees are shown on the “Book Consultation” section. This must be paid prior to the time of the consultation, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the appointment or reallocated it.

Please note that this pricing arrangement is for a consultation with our fee earners only. If you wish to arrange a consultation with one of our consultants then you need to contact us directly (office@goodlawfirm.co.uk) and an alternative pricing structure will apply.

If you then go on to instruct us on a matter directly related to the consultation, we will deduct this amount from your first invoice.

Before Your Consultation

Before your consultation, you should:

  • ensure that you are clear as to what you will be asking for assistance with
  • e-mail through any relevant documents to office@goodlawfirm.co.uk
  • prepare a list of questions you want to ask

If you need any language assistance, please let us know before the consultation so that we can try to assist you.

You will not need to provide any ID before a consultation meeting.

After Your Consultation

We will follow up with you after your consultation with a short e-mail summary. If you require further advice or if you would like us to take the matter forward for you then you will need to instruct us formally so that we can issue a letter of engagement.

Certification of Documents

We can certify copies of your documents (such as passport, driving licence, ID) and we can also administer a statutory declaration for you at our offices. Please make an appointment using the consultation appointment process above. Please note that each process will cost you £5 per document.