Our legal tax expert advisors can give specialist advise in regards to the amount of tax that should be paid. There are many rules and laws which might not be clear for many people such as advising you whether or not you qualify as a tax resident. It is important to be aware of your rights as a tax resident in a particular country as this will determine how much tax must be paid. 

Our team of experts can advise on a range of relevant other issues including: trusts, property and inheritance tax. We have an in depth understanding of tax residency rules and regulations, and in making sure that your estate is effective for the purposes of inheritance tax. 

Our expert tax solicitors can help clients with the amount of tax their entitled to pay, and advise them on factors such as tax residency in other countries. 

Some of our past clients include families, businesses, and investors.

Our tax advisers are experts in:

  • Informing the individual if they qualify as a UK tax resident
  • Factors that can have an impact on tax residence
  • Advising companies regarding UK tax residence
  • Factors that could have an effect on your tax residence

Residence & Domicile FAQ

What constitutes and individual who is tax resident?

The way that the majority of companies tax an individual is based on whether or not they are deemed to be tax resident. The criteria for being tax resident is based on a range of differing components including:

  • The amount of time the individual resides in the country
  • Where the person works
  • The amount the person earns in that country
  • If the individual is a home owner
  • The implications of being UK tax resident, and moving to another country

What is residency and how to qualify as a resident?

Residency refers to an individual who is legally allowed to work, reside, travel or study in a specified country.

How to qualify as a UK resident?

An individual will qualify as UK resident if they meet the following criteria:

  • If the person stays in the UK for 183 days or more in a specific tax year
  • Their sole home is in the UK, and they had a minimum of 30 tax days in that country in that tax year
  • Working abroad, and being in the UK for a time period which is less than 91 days
  • In the UK tax year the individual was in the country for a period which is less than 46 days

      Factors that effect or change tax residence?

      There are several factors which can change UK tax residency status they are:

      • Selling/buying property
      • Working in a foreign country
      • Divorce/ Marriage
      • Being in the country less

      What is domicile?

      Domicile is the permanent residence country where the person resides. Domicile is crucial for tax reasons. Tax liabilities consist of the following:

      • Inheritance Tax
      • Capital Gains Tax
      • Income Tax

      An individual’s fixed home (their domicile) can affect how much tax they have to pay on: income tax, capital gains, and foreign income.

      Those who are not classified as UK resident, will not pay UK taxes on foreign income.

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